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On this Earth

On this Earth

All my work is made using tradition print making, collaging of my own photographs, family photographs, or found victorian images and tradition ink pen. I take pride in the hands-on aspect of work and love creating it. This is a series of three all about growth and personal development and your environment.
I don't like to explain my work too much because I like people to see it in and have their own thoughts on it. But here are a few brief explanations.

We walk this earth, we walk this life, we leave spaces behind, our shadow always follows.
On this earth-
This piece is about the imprint that humans leave and growth that we have on the earth.

The way we where- (Red) Second image-
A piece about the growing of an individual, and leaving your imprint from how you where to how you grow.

A piece about the comfort and support you feel as a youngster and the separation that you can experience as you grow from your childhood.