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The Family Tree

The Family Tree

With the advent of tool making, the power to control nature was bestowed upon man. Almost in poetic irony, the only inheritance the oak, felled by its very own, willed to its descendants were lives riddled with trials and tribulations and the hands of the human race.

The remaining members of the family, as listed below.

The Axe
Hewn from the first branch of the mighty oak, he returned to, and for, his roots.

The Violin
The composition of a perfect piece, a lifetime of being held in a vice-like grip at both ends whilst sawed melodiously in between.

The Frame
Here lies the remains of the third branch from the top, known affectionately as ‘Woody’.

The Boomerang
Instilled with an unwavering sense of loyalty, he returned over and over only to be cast away once again.

The Chair
A distinguished career marked by meeting bottoms face to face was more than she could ever hope for.

The Peg Leg
After terrorizing the seven seas under the great pirate Brownbeard, she eventually succumbed to the ocean and rotted away.

The Cage
Being too possessive ultimately led to his downfall, the day his door stuck shut he was himself dispossessed.

The Stake
The most notorious, and only, bloodsucker he ever dispatched was a mosquito inebriated on diabetic blood.

The Sheet
Taken for dead after being beaten to a pulp, he survived and was rewarded with a new lease of life.

The Pipe
The price to pay for being the icon of the ultimate gentleman was lamentably, a daily drenching in a deluge of spittle.

The Wooden Boy
All he ever dreamt of was to be a real boy, not to undergo a termite infestation.

The Pencil
Maturity often manifests in great wisdom and experience, but it is distinctly his stature which wanes with age.

The Ship
The age of discovery - she sought to explore the new world but did not account for the lightning bolt that was to find this vessel first.

A Family Portrait
The mighty oak, rugged and strong, towered above all whilst it reigned over its
They were inseparable; until one after another they were led to the slaughter, s