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Florence And The Machine

Florence And The Machine

The main objective to my project was to capture the essence and emotion of the album 'Lungs' through a series of drawings. Florence’s sound is dramatic, emotional and enchanting. My aim was to make imagery that portrayed this intense, raw emotion but in an ethereal, theatrical manner. I chose four songs in particular (three submitted here), each with very different themes, in order to sustain the wide scope of emotion offered by the album.

'Cosmic Love' is about an unrequited love that turns how to be just the opposite. The over-riding theme in this song is love and how powerful it can be. She sings of being stuck in a twilight zone where she ceases to live and merely exists. When the couple find out they’re both in love, they stay in this twilight and it instead becomes a positive place. She’s describing how when madly inlove, you can be anywhere as long as you are with that person; nothing else matters. Their love is so powerful it could ‘blow out the stars and moon’. I have drawn the protagonist to expose both her extreme loneliness and love simultaneously.

I believe 'Drumming Song' is about repressed urges. I wanted her to be trying to ‘drown out the drumming noises(the urges)’ by diving underwater. Her taut posture re-iterates the frustration she feels when it doesn’t solve the problem. If you dream about being underwater, it’s supposed to mean that you’re feeling overcome with emotion. If you dream about breathing underwater, it’s said to signify a withdrawal back into the womb; a yearning for a chance to return to a position where you are liberated from responsibilities. This would be a place to escape her adult inclinations.

'You Got The Love' is about faith; knowing you have god to look after you when there is noone else. It’s an uplifting song about religious beliefs and the strength they find as a result of that belief. The doves signify peace and hope and act as a symbolic reference to God. The doves circle the protagonist serving like guardian angels.

Cosmic Love illustration inspired by Florence and the machine
Drumming Song illustration inspired by Florence and the machine
You Got The Love illustration inspired by Florence and the machine