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Gauchos in Uruguay

Gauchos in Uruguay

Editorial illustration based on an article in Wanderlust magazine about gaucho culture in Uruguay.

This was a small project for my final year at university.
I wanted to explore editorial illustration and chose an article from Wanderlust to base my work on.
The brief was to depict different aspects of gaucho culture in Uruguay as described in the article.
I set myself one day to produce a single illustration suitable to fit in a magazine layout.

The gauchos were described as spending nearly all their time on horseback, which is why my character combines the two.
They spend their days looking after and rounding up the cattle.
Pretty much every meal is barbequed.
These are some of the recurring points in the article, so became prominent in my illustration.
I also tried to capture the look and dress of these modern day cowboys.
My colour palette references the burnt yellows and reds of the Uruguay landscape shown in the photography in the article.

Gauchos in Uruguay: http://www.willhaywood.com/index.php?/selected-work/gaucho/
Gauchos in Uruguay: http://www.willhaywood.com/index.php?/selected-work/gaucho/