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had i the heaven's embroidered cloths

had i the heaven's embroidered cloths

BRIEF: To adapt a poem by W.B. Yeats into a piece of sequential art for a local poetry company based in Nottingham. I found inspiration in the works of Frank Miller to produce the 'noir' atmosphere for the illustration as the brief was open to our own personal interpretations of the work by Yeats.

The sequence of events portrayed was deliberately left ambiguous until the final page were the poem's text is utilised to create a link to the poem. This was deliberate as I wanted the reader to observe each frame as they would originally have with each sentence of the poem,finding a meaning after rethinking the whole poem and then finding your own interpretation of the words. This way, the reader is not guided purely by the new visual aesthetic as you would expect, but still relies upon instinct, adaptation and imagination to place a context to the artwork and create a personal interpretation of the words.

Each frame of the sequential art was created using a freehand style, these were then inked and digitally reframed to create layout and text.

I had previously never created sequential art nor illustrated before this as it was my second project at university.I found the process both a challenge and a revelation and since this brief my skills and ability has grown tremendously, I have discovered a new found love for drawing as well as gaining the confidence to pursue multiple forms of Graphic Design and Illustration in other project briefs at university and in the future.