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"How Life Began" Based on a Discarded Story.

"How Life Began" Based on a Discarded Story.

My work, "Based on a Discarded Story" is a collection of illustrations created using rejected fabrics which were provided by my sponsor LMB Textile Recyclers, London, along with second hand magazines, and books sourced from charity shops and second hand book stores. My fashion illustrations are contained within a collection of books, as I am excited by the fashion industry and loved challenging the idea of desired fashion by using discarded items to create really layered, textured and exciting illustrations that literally come out of the page. My aim was to create an illustration that complimented the book and the pages it is situated on, as I feel it helped develop a sense of character.

My print inspiration was largely enthused by the constructivist movement; however I added a twist to the regimented style by hand drawing it, so there was room for an individual interpretation to add character and personality to the print. I chose enlarged features such as eyes and lips as I feel they are the most sensual features on the face and therefore they needed to be emphasised, thus enabling me to develop the ladies' 'character', and also a sense of soul.

My outcome is an inspired collection of fashion illustrations developed with the idea of reinventing discarded items with hand drawn print and layering; allowing me to enhance both the fabrics and the illustrations themselves; and create new and spine-tingling fashion design and illustration ideas.

Catherine Ann Haynes, Based on a Discarded Story