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How To Make A Film Noir

How To Make A Film Noir

This illustration was produced as part of a collaborative project with our 3rd year Illustration course and the Quad art gallery, as part of their 'Season of Noir', which is a series of events and exhibitions exploring contemporary art through 'noir'.

The brief was to each produce a page for a publication which would be sold in the gallery, along the theme of ' film noir'. When I began researching ' noir', I realised what distinct characteristics the genre had, such as low key lighting, femme fatales and detectives. It read almost as a set of rules, and I imagined a ‘film noir school’, with budding directors being given a set of commands for how to make the perfect film noir! This illustration is my light hearted interpretation of noir, and most importantly one which I hoped would be accessible to all ages, to help them engage with the subject.

I felt it was important to convey the mood and atmosphere of film noir through my work, so I watched, and drew from 'noir' movies, in order to sympathetically capture aspects such as the murky, low key lighting.

How To Make A Film Noir- Jade Walsh