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I don't lilke coke.

I don't lilke coke.

I often observe the things happening in the world, concepts, social issues and express them in characters, or through characters, I observe. The first work with polar bear is about what I I first saw the picture of polar bear eating another one of them. Compared to the white fur and bright glaciers, the red blood was poetically brutal and shocking as much as it was visually impressive. Then I asked myself, 'why did I think it was shocking? Why did I have such stereotype that those white animals living in such deserted area are so cute and therefore they must be innocent?" The polar bears in Coca-Cola cf was always so lovely. Watching them dancing, hugging, playing for years made a false image about the creature. Well, it's how the character design works, I know. We usually concentrate on the feeling of image itself only. But then again, then how many things we know are against the truth? How many concepts were manipulated/reproduced/distorted by commercial or instinctive need? I'm not trying to judge or say that Coca-Cola did a wrong thing making such cute image of a dangerous animal. I'm just interested in the power of characters and media which can even turn the meaning and idea of something upside down. But what would the bear say about all this? One thing for sure, they don't like Coca-cola. They'd prefer the creator of that beverage.

Caricature is an amazing genre of art. Of course it gets along just fine with text and situation added, but just the deformed portrait itself makes such fun and impression. Hugh Laurie, my one of the favorite actor, is playing a great role in HOUSE M.D series. No philosophy or explanation needed, character can just survive without all of them.

The third one is a caricaturized portrait of my dog. She is being treated as a human being in family and is being deeply loved.I love animals as well, but sometimes when I see news about people inheriting their life fortune to their animals, I really cannot get rid of the idea that it's not right. For sure, they wouldn't recognize any of the intension nor they would be able to wisely use the money. It keeps reminding me of some Grimm story-like thing, People just pick a beggar and put a crown in his head! I wanted to think about the position of human being and animal in this era. Look at the Count Cocker Spaniel with such arrogant face and fancy mustache as well as a noble suit, actually knowing nothing about what's going on!

A polar bear covered with bloodshed and a shoe
Hugh Laurie caricature
A dog in an arrogant mood