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The Kill

The Kill

Illustrative Brief

Murder of innocent victims is as much a reality of modern life as it was in tragic legends from distant ages. My illustrations portray the point of no return when innocence is killed.

Preparatory Work Pic01- 'Closing In' shows two figures in the darkening fore-front, with the innocence of childhood as a pastel background. A half formed husky type animal – not yet totally threatening, wraps around the figures, who are enfolded in a warm womb-like enclosure, though they seem to be unaware that this is actually a gaping mouth, and they are becoming part of it's tongue.

Preparatory Work Pic2 - 'Getting Closer' shows a close-up of the figures in harsh monochrome. White fangs have now appeared adding an unsettling disturbing element to the scene. We see a look of confusion on their faces and it is much clearer now that they are part of a lapping tongue.

'The Kill' – Final Illustration reveals that the figures have been taken from their community, which is a faded far away blur in the distance below them. The ‘womb’ is now a tomb, as the crazed demonic beast’s unforgiving fangs are at the point of no return, about to close in on the kill.


Getting Closer
The Kill
Closing In