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Narrative of childhood memories.

Narrative of childhood memories.

These series of illustrations are from a project where I was investigating the notion of the narrative; my tutors set the brief for this project.

The project was based around my own childhood memories of a certain journey; a road trip that my dad and I ventured on as an annual trip. The journey would approximately take two and a half hours to get to our final destination.

Whilst drawing and creating these illustrations, I would listen to our road-trip soundtrack of my Dad’s old collection of music. The memories that I decided to illustrate were very vivid and a personal happy memory of mine. This is because I remember looking forward to this trip and the adventure my Dad and me would have travelling in the car, long tail boat and on foot to our destination.

I have decided to portray the illustration in a narrative linear structure because it is a recollection of many similar road-trips where we would drive the same route and always get on a long tail boat to get to the island. We would end up having to walk on foot once we arrive at the island. In turn I have created boxes for these image to be fitted in as a three-dimensional setting. This was for the audience to be able to look into 'my boxes of memories'.