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I met Royston whilst working in the kitchens at The Kenward Trust, a rehab center for alcoholics and drug abusers. Royston is an ex-resident, having completed the program and beating his alcohol addiction, he now works there as a councillor and estate manager.

Whilst battling his addiction he practiced falconry and collected birds of prey as a hobby to help him develop responsibility and the focus to get through his addiction. He now introduces the residents of Kenward to the birds as a form of therapy, helping them to overcome their own addictions through taking care of the birds and practicing falconry, which requires a bond that can take months to develop.

I am currently creating an illustrated book for my third year self directed project, based on my conversations with Royston regarding his journey through alcoholism.

Royston often mentioned one critical thing that is required to not only look after the birds but also to get through addiction: patience.

Bird Flying
Royston and Milli