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Riots: A User Guide

Riots: A User Guide

I was given the following brief as part of my studies.

'Graphic Novel Or Children's Book.

Create a narrative about some aspect of the riots using the information you hear in this short film which was shown on childresns TV in August www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/14507794'

What developed from this brief was a not-to-be-taken-seriously illustrated guide for dealing with riots, aimed at police officers, giving useful tips on proper conduct during social unrest.What i had in mind was a book designed to be defusingly humorous and fun, in stark contrast to the serious subject matter.These images reflect the tongue in cheek and silly atmosphere the book has. The hand-drawn illustrated type being integral to the overall feel of the book.

Moustaches and police brutality aplenty!

The Pile On Method
Protests and how to deal with them
Remain vigilant, angry, heavy-handed and suspect everyone