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Shadow Of Their Former Selves - Steve Panton

Shadow Of Their Former Selves - Steve Panton

‘Shadow Of Their Former Selves’ is a collection of illustrations as part of a self initiated brief intended to raise awareness of the threats of particular species. Each one of these threats is represented as a human shadow in order to represent our responsibility to conserve these species through whatever means we can.

The three Illustrations shown are Polar Bear, Amur Tiger and African Elephant. The Polar Bear's threat is global warming and pollution and so is represented by a person using a petrol pump, the Amur Tiger's threat is Asian Medicine and is represented by a doctor holding a syringe and the African Elephant's threat is Ivory Poaching and is represented by a Poacher carrying a tusk.

The full collection consists of 6 Illustrations which are all viewable on my website alongside other work. These Illustrations have also been featured on LiteracyHead a website dedicated to teaching through images as part of a reading and writing article called 'Can We Save The Tiger?' and can be seen here http://literacyhead.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5335

Polar Bear - Steve Panton
Amur Tiger - Steve Panton
African Elephant - Steve Panton