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Silent Robin

Silent Robin

This book was made after my tutors gave me the following brief.



Opposites are attracted to one another. When you think War, Peace may instantly come up. Take some time to consider some famous opposites such as Black and White, North and South, Silence and Noise, Love and Hate, Quick and Slow, Bitter and Sweet. Think of them as magnets that exert the greatest attraction and repulsion.
This is a project designed for you to use your sense of discrimination, your capacity to make distinctions and maybe overcome these distinctions. Indeed you will surely discover that basic binary perception often contains a third part that is easily hushed or denied. For example the pair War and Peace previously mentioned, holds the idea of Truce or Respite.
Focus on one pair of opposites and explore them in poetry, prose, symbols, colours or images. It could be an opportunity for you to experiment chromatic opposites.
Do not restrain yourselves in terms of format, we will see to it later.

Material needed: all possible. Paint, pencils, charcoals. Also if you would like to use collage materials, feel free.

The pair Silence and Noise instantly captured me and inspired me some sort of philosophical tale. As I was exploring comic strip language at the time, I chose paper cuts to carry out this project. it seemed to allow me to stage the most violent contrasts both in form and content.