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This is from a school project where I created my own story and illustrations.
Completely done in graphite, and then bound up into booky form!

I decided to go towards my personal favorite creature of the forest, Bigfoot. However, I wanted to do a story on the little curious members of the bigfoot society- the 'Smallpaw'.

Smallpaws are undermined by bigfoot in every way, in mass, brawn and hair- the things that make or break you in the forest. They're the little delicate ones who bristle at the mildest of winds, with feet too dainty to handle rough terrain, hands too gentle to break branches for kindling. Because of such a difference between Bigfoot and Smallpaw, Smallpaw finds himself as the butt of jokes and as a constant shame in society.

No matter how hard his life may seem, Smallpaw faces adversity and walks confidently in his own path, wherever that may lead him.

To see the story, and the rest of my images for 'Smallpaw', click below!