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The things I see and hear.

The things I see and hear.

Since leaving university I have have been focusing solely on the illustration aspects of my practice. I have become especially interested in illustrating memories, slip of the the tongues, and unusual things people say.

The text is an important part of the illustration and so to show this I have experimented with incorporating it into the drawing itself (see Ants), and in Bears and Dinosaur, letting it stand alone and compliment the drawing. Both I think work well. I draw them in pen and ink which lends a simple and nostalgic style.

Ant's is a story my Dad told me when we were in the car on the way home, talking about ants. It's about when he was a little boy and used to live up near the ruins of a grand old mansion, the garden was overgrown and there were these massive ant hills, all built up like termite mounds. My Dad tells stories in a meandering sort of way, going over details and adding parts here and there, I have turned the words into 'ants' meandering around the picture, with other lines joining or splitting away to try to express this.

Bear and Dinosaur are drawings of unusual things I see, I work in an auction gallery and we really do get some strange things in. The accompanying text is from conversations or comments made, and slip of the tongues that have stuck in my mind.

Pen drawing of overgrown garden with ants drawn as words telling a story.
Pen and ink drawing of a dinosaur skeleton.
Pen and ink drawing of some teddybears, with a rifle.