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This project is about human's lonely feeling. Now days,it is very common that there are a huge mount of people feeling so longly. They are maybe wearing Prada, Channel; maybe living in amazing big house; maybe having a lot of lovers around. But when they are alone, there is nothing left. Just the loneliness accompanying them. They use money to hiding their empty soul. They think money is everything, while they even do not knowing themselves.

These people are all empty. Like a house without people.
In those images I made, house is represent the body that is contained people's inside mind and their soul. All the spirits are running out by instinct. They are escaping from the house unconsciously. Because in human nature, they till want to live.

I want to let people rethink themselves by looking at my illustrations. Maybe those images can let some people wake up and have a better life.

Spirits are escaping from the empty house. House represents people's heart.
Spirits want to escape from lonely. But they do not know loneness is inside.
Spirits crowed out, searching for happy and love in the big outside world