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The Baked Alaska Story

The Baked Alaska Story

Book illustrations for 'The Baked Alaska Story' published by Icicle Books, written and illustrated by Chris Vine.

The book began as a collection of unrelated drawings loosely based on Sisyphus and snowmen, which gradually formed themselves into a short story.

It is the story of a distant frozen planet and its population of industrious snowmen. The Baked Alaska Story follows the rise and fall of an empire of snow,
built upon the firm foundations of multi-coloured ice-cream. The snowmen encounter many obstacles in their pursuit of an ice-cream-fuelled lifestyle, including climate change, over-population and the exploitation of natural resources.

The book is in A5 format, hardback, 96 pages with 57 full-colour, ink and watercolour illustrations. Designed by Joanna Whitehead. Printed in photo-litho by Rap Spiderweb Ltd.

ISBN 978-0-9546762-1-6