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Michael Morrell - BBC Manchester Reportage project

Michael Morrell - BBC Manchester Reportage project

Hello My name is Michael Morrell

I am currently studying my final year at the Illustration with Animation degree at the Manchester School of Art in Britain. As an illustrator I like to cover a broad amount of themes but the main focus is architecture.

BBC Reportage project - Size: A0. Materials: Fine Liners, Marker pens.

My most recent project has used my skills as a reportage artist to document the BBC building in Manchester that is being de-constructed. I documented the destruction for 5 weeks, drawing in an A2 sketchbook. I documented a broad amount of topics in the site, ranging from:

• Small thumbnails, which are enlarged playing with line thickness and drawn to document the technical details of the diggers (001)

• The building being taken down by the large diggers with use of A0drawn panoramas (attached 002)

• The small details of objects left round the site (attached 003) looking at objects such as the rubbish left from the builders and left over parts of the BBC building

I will develop the drawn works created from the BBC destruction and put the imagery into a graphic context of a newspaper, A0 size. Putting this imagery into a context of a newspaper will show further a form of documentation that I am trying to create.

My other works include: narratives, maps and animation you can find more of my works here:


Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and consider me for the competition .


Michael Morrell - 3rd year Illustration student at the Manchester Metropolitan University - Manchester, Britain