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The Blabes

The Blabes

Imaginative brief:

Create the beginning of a short story for a fictional mythical character or characters that you have invented.
Think about where they live, how they live, what they do, are they on earth? Do they interact with humans?
You can (optional) have the fictional character not as the main part of your story but you must make the characters presence known through out the story. How you choose to go about this is up to you.

DON’T just have a picture of the creature; the picture should include a sense of where they live and what they do.


Any medium or style is acceptable.
1-5 images, however many you feel would clearly begin to illustrate the story and communicate to the audience about your creature. This is after all, just the beginning of your story; you may choose to carry it on after the 1-5 images.

Character I've created: The Blabes who live in a magical forest and no one (even the little boy Robbie) is quite sure whether they're real or imaginary. They have disproportionately large heads to their body, alien/human hybrid facial features, are excellent at climbing tree's and have black arms and legs but when they have given birth the black fades and returns back to normal after their child is no longer breast feeding. How they reproduce is unknown but people say they are impregnated by the power of the trees in the forest.

The Story: The Blabes are discovered by a young boy called Robbie who then becomes obsessed with the creatures through out his life.

The pictures shown are firstly of the creatures in their habitat, then I have accompanied them with when Robbie discovers the Blabes, the beginning of his obsession.

The Blabes picture 1
The Blabes picture 2
The Blabes picture 3