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The Blue Boy

The Blue Boy

The Blue Boy is a picture book I made as the final body of work for my study in MA illustration course. Being born with a birthmark that made me look different, I undertook a research about the images of skin and body, the discrimination against differences, and the struggle for self-acceptance. After a year of research and practice, I built a story about a ‘different’ boy and his journey where he makes friends and learns to embrace diversity.


One of the illustrative goal was to visualise the isolation each character experiences through effective layout. It was also important to make a positive statement about being different, and for this, I used vibrant colours against grey background. The protagonist was made blue in order to make it impossible to relate the colour to specific race or state of people. A cat and a bird were added to represent bodies with different sizes.


The book was digitally printed and exhibited in 2012 MA show in the Arts University College at Bournemouth.



The Blue Boy 1
The Blue Boy 2
The Blue Boy 3