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I want to eat a child - Picture book

I want to eat a child - Picture book

The images I have entered into this competition are pages from a University set project for a picture book. The story was pre-written and we couldn't modify the text.

The story itself is about a woman who is so evil, she wanted to eat a child. So she travels the land looking for the perfect child to eat, however the villagers hide their children once they discover what she is doing, this then causes the woman to become haggard and hungry, refusing to eat the livestock the villagers offer to her. She then heads home in an obsessed hunger trance, and spots the sweetest child on earth, and devours him. Till only days later she realized it was her own child she had eaten.

I didn't want to make the character obviously evil, as i didn't want the cliché of an evil witch style character, so i decided to make the character a puppet, in a way she had no control over her actions, almost giving the character more of a sympathy, but retaining the evil actions, she may not be able to control, this puppet theme allowed ideas of making the images seem like a play or theater, which is why it looks like it does. Hope you enjoy it.

The works submitted are; 2 double page's, how it would display in the book, the book opens horizontally, and the large image is a standalone version of one of the pages, out of context.

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