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For The Love of Plants

For The Love of Plants

Created during my final year at university, For The Love of Plants was inspired by mankind's fascination with the natural world. Swamped in botanical oddities and geological strangeness, its inhabitants tirelessly explore, absorbed in their tasks.

The final image measures 1200 x 1800mm and has been my most challenging piece to date. I wanted to create an imaginary landscape where the viewer is free to investigate the finer detail, mirroring the people within.

To sit alongside the larger image, I also created a fully illustrated booked called Curio. Containing unseen experiments, concealed scenes and sections from the landscape, the book can be used as a tool for studying the world further or just enjoyed in its own right.

In essence, the project was created to celebrate the complex beauty of the natural world and mankind's curiosity towards it.

For The Love of Plants by Natasha Durley
Curio book by Natasha Durley
Curio book inside by Natasha Durley