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Oliver Sacks series

Oliver Sacks series

These are three images from my Final Major Project at University.

The project was based around the book by Professor Oliver Sacks: 'The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat'. The Book contains the cases of various patients Sack's experienced who had severe and rare psychological conditions. I decided to illustrate some of the cases using the unusual scenarios and sometimes abstract conditions of the cases as a catalyst for my inspiration and image making. For example:

The 'Lost Mariner' an elder man who's mind is trapped in his youth as a submariner. I was interested in the concept of the submarine and how half is exposed whilst half is submerged giving the connotation of the human subconscious. The line acts as some sort of surface, of time or sea and separates the two dates and thus his states of mind and body.

The case of 'Hands' in which a lady with cerebral palsy has no functionality in her hands, which she describes as 'lumps of clay'. The red line represents her blindness and the grey void is an attempt to encapsulate the distancing feeling from living in a world with no use of hands or vision.

'Lost Mariner' by Nate Kitch
'The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat' by Nate Kitch
'Hands' by Nate Kitch