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Packaging A Dream - Grow An Apple Tree (GAAT)

Packaging A Dream - Grow An Apple Tree (GAAT)


Packaging a dream gave me the opportunity to enhance on a dream/aspiration I have.


To create a beautiful package (square box) for a gift that would show love and support.


A little pot, an apple seed and instructions as to how to plant and nourish your tree, a beautiful story of The Giving Tree and a recipe for apple pie. The idea behind the apple pie was to give back to the person who gave you their time when you needed it most.


To help people who are lonely, depressed, unwell or just going through a hard time in their lives.

People are generally more depressed these days, I think this is down to the changing of our lifestyles...

Before TV’s, computers etc. we were more in touch with the world around us. It was about survival, we grew our own food, we sewed our own clothes, we built fires and we hunted for food. We connected with the world and humanity, now a relationship is built from texting and communicating through computers. We are tactile creatures that thrive on survival. We need to get back in touch with the earth and each other.


  • A gift that will continue to give to someone in time of need.
  • Giving someone your time and support
  • Giving someone a focus
  • Give back to our environment

It will build a foundation for a relationship and your friend or family member will feel a real sense of achievement.

I’ve heard people often say, if you need someone to talk to, give me a call. On most occasions people don’t want to burden others with their problems. People who have family support don’t tend to realize there’s people out there who don’t have this support.


The design behind it, is to be happy, my inspiration was drawn from weathered wood, side of the road fruit stalls and Caribbean seaside stands where life is a bit more carefree. I love the textures the wood created. The colours had to be vibrant and full of life.


This beautiful product would make a great tool to help raise money for charities.

Grow An Apple Tree by Vicki McWhinney
Grow An Apple Tree by Vicki McWhinney
Grow An Apple Tree by Vicki McWhinney