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A Weekend in London and Ilfracombe

A Weekend in London and Ilfracombe

I have decided to submit drawings illustrating a weekend in November 2012.

On Saturday morning I woke up and tried to hoover. The hoover blew the fuse and I had no electricity. It became an excellent excuse for why I shouldn't try cleaning in future. My friend Digby came round and all we did was read and draw. I drew him while he read Saul Bellow and smoked Marlboro cigarettes. He's addicted to 20th century literature and smoking.

It got colder and colder so we decided to go for a walk. In the afternoon we walked to Camberwell and sat outside Rock Steady Eddie's on Coldharbour Lane. We watched a man and two twins waiting for the bus. The wind was so strong that it blew a huge cloud of dust into their faces. I imagined that they thought that the bright interiors of Eddie's looked very cosy in comparison. The bus came and they got on it and left.

That Sunday morning I got on a train to Barnstaple and drove to visit Damien Hirst's new bronze sculpture 'Verity' in Ilfracombe. Verity is vast and shocking. Some of the locals love her and say that she brings business to the village. One woman said that Ilfracombe had enough pregnant women living in it and she didn't like being reminded of it. I wonder if she has any children.

Sorry if there are any mistakes in my paragraphs. I'm hopeless at spelling.