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Wise Children

Wise Children

"Here we sit, in our negligees, in the breakfast room in the leather armchairs by the Readicole electric fire. Sometimes we sit there all day, drink tea, chew the fat. Wheelchair plays solitaire, does the tapestry. The cats come and go. At six we switch to gin."

- Angela Carter, 'Wise Children'

I have illustrated my own perceived version of Carter’s novel, people who look at it will hopefully get the sense of the book's liveliness, it’s character’s outrageous natures, and the complex tangle of relationships, they will piece together their own narrative that may or may not resemble the plot of ‘Wise Children’ but will capture the books spirit.

The full set of images can be seen on my website: http://www.ellenleber.com/

Wise Children - The Chance Twins
Wise Children - The Book
Wise Children - Hair Dye