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I Was Jack Mortimer

I Was Jack Mortimer

Book cover illustration for Alexander Lernet-Holenia‘s 'I Was Jack Mortimer'.

A man climbs into Ferdinand Sponer's cab, gives the name of a hotel, and before he reaches it has been murdered: shot through the throat. And though Sponer has so far committed no crime, he is drawn into the late Jack Mortimer's life, and might not be able to escape its tangles and intrigues before it is too late.

Published for the first time in English, I Was Jack Mortimer (translated by Ignat Avsey) is a 1930s tale of misappropriated identity as darkly captivating and twisting as the books of Patricia Highsmith. Tense, tightly plotted and coolly styled, with a not-quite-innocent protagonist and a platinum-blonde femme fatale, it is brilliantly thrilling – but also a book that vividly evokes a Vienna in transition: from the glittering capital of the old aristocratic Austro-Hungarian empire, to a shadier, altogether more prosaically modern city.

I Was Jack Mortimer cover
I Was Jack Mortimer artwork