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Mama detective series

Mama detective series

Mama is a humorous and rather brash character who gets into lots of scrapes and awkward situations in this series of detective stories set in Florida. Each cover illustrates a scene from the book and aims to capture the funny and odd-ball nature of Mama's crime-solving abilities.

These are the first two cover re-designs in what is hoped to be an ongoing series. In order to ensure that each cover relates to the others within the series, I selected a palette range of warm and cheerful "Florida" papers to work with and developed a cut pattern background and typographic treatment that can be personalised to each new cover.

All my images are formed entirely from paper. Each paper sculpture element is photographed by me (either individually or in groups as appropriate) and finally comped together in Photoshop with minimal retouching. Working this way I am able to provide the client with type, image and background on separate layers and extract individual details from the image that can be used on back cover and spine and in marketing materials.

Gail Armstrong _Mama Gets Trashed cover_papercut image
Gail Armstrong_Mama Does Time cover_papercut image
Gail Armstrong_Mama series covers_paper sculpture images