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Rebecca's Road

Rebecca's Road

"You're beginning to understand the world.”
"Am I? Then I don't like it."
"That's precisely why your mother and I kept it from you.”

Rebecca has always been looked after, cared for, shielded from the world; to avoid the realities Mother would take her shopping, and her parents built a wing of their house just for her. But now Mother is dead and Rebecca, fifty years old, wants to take one of those trips she and Mother had often talked about. So she bargains with her father for the trust money he is withholding and buys a motor home in which she sets off to learn about life, love, and the world beyond the family peach orchard; to see if there is a different Rebecca to be found along the way.

In nine beautiful, humorous, and poignant stories, Marlene Lee, author of The Absent Woman, traces the new life of Rebecca Quint as she takes her first steps along her own road.

Author, illustrator and publisher collaborated closely on choosing and developing style, content and colour scheme for the illustrations, seeking a blend of Naive and Contemporary.

Rebecca's Road Book cover
Rebecca's Road Full Cover