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English for Au Pairs

English for Au Pairs

"My head is in an oven. What am I doing here? The oven is very dirty and I am cleaning it. My host mother wants me to clean this dirty oven and also the fridge. It is my first day as an au pair. I am Marta and I arrived last night at 9pm after a long journey from my home in Poland."

So starts 'English for Au Pairs' illustrated by Lucy Letherland. It is an English language text book with a difference, an amusing account of what life is really like for au pairs, and a proper English language guide at the same time.

Lucy Letherland was commissioned to illustrate the whole book, and worked closely with the author, Lucy Curtis. Her illustrations of the group of au pairs, the children, and family, are amusing, accurate and realistic, and the book breaks away from convention as real life takes over from boring language exercises.

Going clubbing.
I can't take William screaming one more second.
Caught on the tube.