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Touki Bouki

Touki Bouki

To celebrate 50 editions of Little White Lies, they creates a special anniversary edition of the magazine, which celebrated the last 50 years of cinema through 50 articles about 50 films, each accompanied by an illustration.

I was given the film Touki Bouki, a 1973 Senegalese drama, directed by Djibril Diop Mambéty. The film is very experimental, textured and chaotic in nature, and revolves around the concepts of Senegal's clash of tradition and the new age of technology.

The story follows two young lovers who ride around on a skull-adorned motorbike, engaging in schemes to make their fortune and escape to Paris

The image I created, uses integral imagery from the film, in an approach which encapsulates this nature of two words thrown together.

Little White Lies Touki Bouki