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Bestiary Condor Posters

Bestiary Condor Posters

As the penultimate project for my degree course, I chose to focus my efforts on building up promotional material for a bestiary book I intend to develop and produce for the final end of year project.
I produced a range of illustrated posters displaying endangered animals which do not display the conventional characteristics of what is accepted to be 'cute'.

The bestiary will be made up entirely of these types of species in an attempt to wipe away negative connotations behind 'unattractive' animals and bring some degree of balance to the way conservation and funding is distributed between the species.

The posters are made up of pairs, one to be released first as a minimalist piece, displaying little information and grabbing the initial attention of the audience(s). The other to be released as a second wave, revealing the rest of the partial information the audience was given initially, creating a sense of a narrative for the audience to follow.

The images submitted are examples of one of these pairs, featuring a Californian Condor.

Condor Poster (Wave 2)
Condor Poster (Wave 1)