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C.C. Swann

C.C. Swann

One of my final pieces for Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media

Brief: Open, we could do whatever we want, I created loading screen illustrations for a video game and this is one of those images, inspired by the artwork of Grand Theft Auto

Character Description from the video game story:
Beautifully skilled in the forgery of art, C.C. Swann knows how to master the oil paint and turn it into a near perfect copy of Renoir or Degas. She was educated in a private boarding school in the south of England, UK but has moved to the States to see her father, a rich and powerful boss who in his eyes, sees her as innocent and trustworthy. She comes into contact with Maria Santiago through a chance meeting and agrees to help her track down the art thieves and forgers.

C.C. Swann (2013) Digital Illustration, 420 x 594 mm by Stephanie Fortune