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Knitface by Emily Fluen

Knitface by Emily Fluen

An illustrated book of a short story I wrote about a man with a knitted face for a university project.
The images I have chosen are taken from various pages throughout the book.
I have used various media including pencil, watercolour and pen and the book is printed and bound on handmade paper.
Here is the written story:

There once was a man whose face was never seen,
no one knew what he looked like or even his dreams,
his eyes you could see through a heavy knit weave,
which he sometimes adjusted,
but sometimes would just leave.

Over the years, the threads they unravelled,
to reveal more than he would have liked,
a sign he had travelled.
One by one, they became looser and looser,
until eventually they were gone, a pile on the floor,
his face of jumper was no more.
People were curious to see his real face,
around the town they did chase, they did chase.
Eventually they found him and show them he did,
another face it certainly was.

Another face full of knit.