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Often Orangutans opt out of origami

Often Orangutans opt out of origami

These images are from an alphabet book I am currently working on. Other works in progress include 'Crocodiles collect crystal chandeliers' and 'Short-sighted storks seldom successfully sort socks'.

I am enjoying placing animals in situations that are amusing, yet look anatomically believable. The orangutan looked like he might like to try a fairly docile hobby, while his friends swing around wildly in the background. The numbat, it seems, is not very well-known in this country, so this image seemed appropriate. Aimed at children and their parents, it adds an interactive element too, in trying to find the animals.

As for materials used: I have layered scribbly pencil drawings over lovely, messy, drippy watercolour, introducing a small collage element with the origami.

Orangutan, origami
Numbat, trees