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paper progress

paper progress

A modern day adaptation of William Hogarth's painted series Rakes progress- The tale of a man's decline into madness due to a huge inheritance of money

In order to reflect on the economy and hierarchal gap between class in society I used the story of Michael Carroll- a 19 year old bin man who won 9.7 million pound on lotto euro millions, initially his intentions of spending the money was to buy a new house to live with his child and girlfriend. However, he becomes a target among the press, his life is documented and he enjoys the attention. Throughout this story the media consumes him, he loses himself in the fake persona they created for him in the tabloids, in order to remain famous he acts up and pretends to be far worse than he is. Spending thousands on luxury cars and having demolition races at early hours to draw in media, as the lifestyle continues to drain him he loses his wife and daughter and as a result he gets sucked into drugs and prostitutes. Over time the fortune is completely spent and as a result he is left with nothing but £42 a week on Job seekers allowance. This reality leaves him contemplating suicide.


Linocut on A0 newsprint