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Polly Pockets vs Plastic Dinosaurs

Polly Pockets vs Plastic Dinosaurs

For my initial third year university project I investigated what contemporary Feminism means to people. I researched into many aspects of the topic but something which caught my attention was how children are conditioned from an early age to conform to certain gender expectations through the toys they play with. I wanted my imagery to be accessible to people who may not feel they identify with Feminism so I tried to create an element of humour in the subject.

Something which greatly influenced my visual experimentation was the theory that girls are somehow biologically determined to prefer pink.

The proposed context for the fighting toy illustration was to accompany one of several articles discussing how new outdoor, construction or activity toys are marketed at girls. These toys were supposedly championing variety and choice for young girls but insist on being decorated in a traditionally 'girly' i.e- pink and sparkly way.

My imagery is intended to highlights how the idea of choice can in fact still be incredibly narrow to young girls. They may be sold the idea of empowerment but it is still in a very controlled way.