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Seen off Sussex Shores

Seen off Sussex Shores

Seen off Sussex Shores – Marine Wildlife Trail project

Exhibition panels for a marine wildlife trail proposed along the promenade at Eastbourne, East Sussex. The trail introduces people to just some of the amazing marine creatures found in the seemingly murky, polluted and lifeless waters off the Sussex coast.

I chose species that have a strong visual impact due to their shape, colour or pattern. My illustrations aimed to balance a fairly realistic, identifiable image of the species with a sense of energy and character that would appeal to a wide audience of adults and children. It was crucial that the illustrations worked both close up and at a distance, so I simplified the shapes and patterns to create bold, stylised images. The bright colours also help to make the panels stand out against the outdoor surroundings. The use of local sea charts helps to strengthen the connection to the Sussex coastline.

More details about the project can be found at: www.cargocollective.com/price-smith/Seen-off-Sussex-Shores

Cuttlefish Panel, Felicity Price-Smith
Short Snouted Seahorse Panel, Felicity Price-Smith
Velvet Swimming Crab Panel, Felicity Price-Smith