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Solah Shringar- 16 adornments of a Hindu Bride

Solah Shringar- 16 adornments of a Hindu Bride

The term 'Solah shringar' refers to sixteen adornments of a Hindu bride on her wedding day. In Hindu marriages, the beautification of the bride consists of sixteen parts and covers almost every part of the body right from the head to the toe. The term 'shringar' is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi, who is a model wife and the symbol of feminine beauty, good luck, wealth and fertility.

This Illustration represents Goddess Lakshmi, a perfect bride, gives her blessings in the form of elegance, grace and femininity. I have illustrated all the adornments and gestures a of Hindu bride while doing 'Solah Shringar'. Fine lines of pen helped me to do detailed work on ornaments and female body in my own decorative style of rhythmic lines and swirls.

Size: 33.1 x 23.4 inches
medium: Pen & markers on paper

solah shringar by pooja bhapkar
close up 1 of solah shringar
close up 2 of solah shringar