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Sunday's Child

Sunday's Child

“Sunday’s Child” is a 32-page book based on the written recollections of my paternal Grandfather, describing his childhood during the 1930’s in Germany. Part fact, part fiction, it tells the story of a young boy who grows up as an active and enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth, reeled in by the camaraderie, sport and adventure offered to him.

The narrative takes the form of a letter to my Grandfather. It describes how, in his words, his childhood was a hugely exciting adventure. He fails to mention the much darker side of the times he lived through, and the violent nature of the trainings he underwent in the Hitler Youth. I believe that his omissions hide the awe and fear he must have felt as a child as well as the shame in later life, and that these omissions are a reflection of the relationship most of his generation has to their past. My images aim to expose and understand the gaps that were left in my Grandfather’s retellings. As such, this work examines the ways in which the past is remembered and depicted today, rather than aiming at an entirely unbiased view of history.

The images in the book are based on archive and family photographs as well as drawings that were made on site in the “Nazi Rally Party Grounds” in Nuremberg. The submitted images are all double-page spreads.

More details about the project can be found at: www.serenakatt.co.uk/sunday-s-child