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1. Thought (poster colour, watercolour painting, pen 24.77×18.47) – I drew this work while speculating on how to show my ideas in a visual way. When you think about something, you cannot fully focus on a single matter but you tend to think about something else at the same time. I depicted the fact by using images of everyday stuff rotating together in a toothed wheel.

2. Game Character (poster colour, watercolour painting, pen 38×52.43 ) –The person in this drawing was modeled after an old hunter in Tibet that I saw in a documentary channel; I created a game character using of Tibetan hunter.

3. Recycling (poster colour, watercolour painting, pen, colored pencil 49.58×36.83) – I depicted "rebirth"by making an image where pencil scraps produced by a pencil sharpener form a tree.

Game character