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What happened in the garden?

What happened in the garden?

I was wondering whether some typical mythos can be an inspiration, where the artwork from the inspiration can be made as a story. By studying such primary elements from ancient civilizations, I have decided to draw the elements that I perceive as principle components for them seeking meaning in their hidden stories.

Then I have found that the centered symbol in the universe is ‘the tree of life’ as seen in countless ancient civilizations, such as Genesis story, Ancient Egyptians, Nordic mythos, and so on.

Studying with increasing intensity, I realized I could make the tree of life in a heavenly garden with enormous symbolism; this fills me with excitement at the prospect of the Rebirth of a joyous world, as in Bosch’s art pieces, for example.

All artworks is from the part of behind stories in heavenly garden.

The axis mundi
the sun lion
the first rose