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The White Rose Sequence

The White Rose Sequence

The ‘White Rose’ was a student movement in Munich whose members were idealistic and rebellious. The founding members were siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl who opposed Hitler and the Nazi regime.

The White Rose was created after war broke out and they strove to spread resistance and criticise the Nazis. Their first leaflet starts: ‘Nothing is less worthy of a cultivated people than to allow itself to be governed by a clique of irresponsible bandits of dark ambition, without Resistance’. It was extremely hard, especially for young people, to oppose the majority and make an effort to be different. It was so easy to choose the safer option and keep your head down despite your beliefs but the Scholls were brave enough to try and set an example.

Their activities were largely peaceful and involved distributing leaflets and information but they had led to demonstrations.

Sadly, in the circumstances of the war, not many people did the same. Sophie was in the minority by strongly believing that ‘one’s got to do something to get rid of the guilt.’ Hans and Sophie Scholl were arrested and executed in February 1943.

These three images attempt to respond to the actions and emotions of the White Rose.

Hitler speaking to the crowd, promoting his ideology
The day when Sophie Scholl threw leaflets off the balcony of Munich University
The White Rose