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Work for Galleyway

Work for Galleyway

The drawing is a result of communication between site-specific drawing machine-like installation in the space and the audiences through an exhibition period. It is a trace of interaction between the people and the object in the space.

Hockney Gallery, the exhibition venue, is somewhat unique because it functions not only as a gallery but also as a passageway to get in and out of the building.
The role of the space as a gallery might be considered secondary, as its main function is a passageway. In this case, it could be said - mobility exceeds stillness - in terms of physicality. On the other hand, it is an interesting exhibition space as it is necessary to visit this space by whoever enters the building. Therefore, every exhibition held here is seen by everyone although it hasn’t been seen. It feels like a leftover space but also the most visited space in the building.
It is a passageway and a gallery: a galley way.

The installation (drawing machine) highlights the situational structure of the space as well as utilising it as a gallery, inviting the passing viewers as the participants of an artwork.

In collaboration with Vesta Kroese (also a student at the RCA)