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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre
by Charlotte Brontë

Introduced by Emma Donoghue
Illustrated by Santiago Caruso, the edition of Charlotte Brontë's beloved novel celebrates its gothic undercurrents.

Artist Santiago Caruso’s dedication to the fantastique made him sensitive to the novel’s otherworldliness. His illustrations evoke its eerie scenery and the intensity of Jane’s experiences. In most she is central: a small but wilful figure whose ‘obscure’ life is as profoundly engaging as that of the most dazzling heroine. As author Emma Donoghue writes in her introduction, Jane ‘survives all sorts of abuses and humiliations because she is driven on by a sense that she matters, because everybody matters’.

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Here we have the first image I developed for this project. It shows the moment that Jane is punished by Mr Brocklehurst in front of the class. She is demonised and obliged to stand on the stool for hours. I saw Jane as a stylite from the past: the stool is turned almost into a column, where she learns the prayers and penance. The concept of the upper scene has been taken from Fra Angelico’s fresco: The Mocking of Christ. I liked the almost surreal language of those fragmented elements floating around the fi
The encounter between Mr Rochester and Jane at the road.
This is the first sketch for this scene. I just wanted to depict a double page of Jane in the dry land, as an old painting of a martyr. It was her experience of the vacuum, the cruelty of the elements of this world, which punished her since her childhood.   Later, I thought of the crossroads as the shape of a cross upside down, as some Christian martyrs were crucified. So we have her now, surrendered to God´s will, when she is praying, under a night filled with stars - of distant promises.  Here, with the m