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The Red Road

The Red Road

For this project a very loose brief was set; To select a text to develop into a story or set of images. I decided to choose a text on which I developed into my own story and visual narrative.

My chosen text is called 'To Walk The Red Road', a Native American poem by an unknown author. From this, I developed a story based on a young woman and her spirit animals. The story is about a physically and mentally arduous journey, ascending up the Rocky Mountains; exploring themes of violence and sexual abuse, alongside companionship, bravery and areas of native american beliefs.

Below you can see select scenes from the subsequent graphic short story/comic. I have chosen these key moments to highlight the use of tone and variances in style to portray certain moods, relevant to the connection the reader would have to the characters. My aim with this short story is to engage emotionally with the reader, respectfully honouring ways of life and religions that are somewhat dwindling in America. Also, I have used flashbacks to comment on the mental health of the main character, following traumatic events covered in book.

The story is twenty-four pages long (not including end papers and covers).