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Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

The three images that have been submitted are from a brief for the Folio Society were I have to illustrate scenes from the book 'Mansfield Park' by Jane Austen. The book is about a 10 year old girl called Fanny Price who has to move to her much wealthier relatives to get a better chance in life. It's a very significant change in her life, through this she meets her cousin Edmund Bertram, who finds her alone.
It is perhaps one of Jane Austen's most socially complex pieces of work, it is a narration on life back in the 1800s.

I sketched items that related to the scene where Fanny meets Edmund for the first time – crying on the attic stairs. She painfully wishes she could write to her brother, William but does not have the writing material. Edmund kindly gives her the supplies she needs, he even writes and sends the letter of to William. It is from this moment that a friendship is formed between them.

I also have sketches of Navy Ships from the 1800s that were described in the book. These ships affirmed further the social status that was around in this period. A telescope is the last sketch and would've been a main object on these ships.

I used inks since this is what they would've used in the 19th Century. I was able to capture the tone by the colour and line in the illustrations.