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Joanna Jones

Author: Joanna Jones (Senior Content Editor - Digital Media)
Congratulations Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the 25th birthday of your baby, The World Wide Web, which turns 25 this week. Who would have thought that 25 years on we would be so reliant on the results of a bit of collaborative code sharing?? So, as speculation and debate continue as to what the WWW should be in the future and Berners-Lee himself calls for a digital bill of rights to protect the...
Detail of the 'Red Velvet Tree of Love' V&A Christmas Tree, by Helen and Colin David, 2013.
Author: Joanna Jones (Senior Content Editor - Digital Media)
To celebrate the festive period, artists Helen and Colin David - of textile label English Eccentrics - were commissioned to create the spectacular 2013 Christmas Tree for the Grand Entrance of the Museum.The ‘Red Velvet Tree of Love’ is traditional in shape but is coated in visceral red flocking to give a deep velvet-like appearance. The scarlet Christmas Tree is decorated with 79...