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V&A Illustration Awards 2013: Published Category - Editorial Illustration (Newspaper, Magazine and Comic)

Editorial Illustration Award & Overall Winner

George Butler

Illustrations for ‘Syria: the point of no return’ by Martin Chulov, in Guardian G2

Published by Guardian News and Media Ltd., 30 August 2012, front cover and pages 6-11

‘Syria, Azaz, 6 June 2012: These I believe will be the first drawings out of Syria, where I have been this week in the northern town of Azaz. After walking 4km from the Turkish post I was greeted by casually dressed men, the Free Syrian Army. I was asked, “What did I want to do?” and “Make some drawings” was not necessarily the answer they were expecting. But then I wasn't really ready to be offered a car, a translator and a place to stay in what had become a war zone. These drawings, done in situ, are not designed to compete with news teams or photographers but I hope offer an insight into how people react at a wholly vulnerable time.’

Butler began his career as a reportage illustrator in Afghanistan, drawing his uncle’s regiment in their barracks. After completing a degree in illustration at Kingston University he has continued to pursue stories all around the world.

The judges commented, ‘Powerful reportage, brilliantly captured. Very skilful given the speed at which he must have had to work’.


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